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Why Select Good As New Pressure Washing?

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There are many professional pressure washing companies out there, so why select one over another? The barrier to entry in the pressure washing business is pretty low. Anyone can go to Lowe's or Home Depot and buy a pressure washer, but that doesn't make them a pressure washing company.

Professional pressure washing companies have professional grade equipment and multiple techniques to clean the various areas of your property, because using pressure isn't the best way to clean every surface on your property. For example, cleaning your roof (those ugly black streaks) can definitely be done with pressure, but it shouldn't be.

Good As New Pressure Washing uses a softwash technique to clean. A combination of chemicals and low pressure (less than 300psi) is used to clean the surface of the roof and kill the bacteria, moss, and algae. Our process ensures that the granules on your roof stay there, protecting your property as they were designed to do. Using high pressure can blast those granules off, and reduces the life of your roof, putting your entire house at risk.

Even concrete cleaning isn't as simple as using pressure alone to clean it. At Good As New Pressure Washing, we pre-treat your concrete to kill organic materials in the concrete first. This allows us to use less pressure while cleaning. We also use heated water - up to 225 degrees if needed - to open the pores of the concrete and clean anything that remains. Finally, we post-treat the surface. This makes sure that the cleaning we just performed stays that way longer.

Cleaning the siding of your house, even if it's brick, should never be done using pressure either. Pressure can cut into the siding whether it's wood, stucco, hardi-plank, or brick. Good As New Pressure Washing uses the same type of process on your house as we use on your roof. The chemicals are slightly different depending on whether the siding is oxidized or not, but the results are just as impressive.

To schedule your pressure washing appointment with Good as New Pressure Washing LLC, please call us at 706-604-6585.

Wait, I Can Get This Done Cheaper and Save Money

You can certainly settle for the guy with a pressure washer in the back of his van. He'll probably do a decent job, and your property will look better than it did if you did nothing, but will you really save money if he causes damage?

Instead you can find a company that's licensed and insured for this kind of work. A company that has the proper training and a variety of equipment to get the job done right. A company like Good As New Pressure Washing. Sure, you might get a cheaper price from the van guy, but after he leaves, will he stand behind his work? At Good As New Pressure Washing, we have a 100% guarantee, We're not happy until you're happy.

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